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The Types of People You’re Likely to Unfriend


We've all done it: We see one too many Facebook posts... and we reach for the "Unfriend" button. What's the impact of all that unfriending? University of Colorado doctoral student, Christopher Sibona discusses. Photo: Andrew St. Clair for the Wall Street…

Justin Bieber says sorry after Japan war shrine trip


Justin Bieber said sorry and insisted he loved Japan and China after he stepped into a bitter fight over history by visiting a controversial war shrine in Tokyo. The troubled Canadian pop prince posted a snap of him at Yasakuni shrine on his Instagram…

Amazon Prime wins streaming deal with HBO


Amazon scored a deal Wednesday to distribute old shows from premium cable TV channel HBO to its monthly Prime subscribers, landing a blow on rival Netflix in the streaming video battle. Amazon said the multi-year deal would allow it to stream top HBO…

Chatango is down. Sigh.

It's been over an hour. I hope Chatango's amazing Dr. Alec M. is okay! I'm on autorefresh with DownOrJustMe.

However, check this out: Will take a peek and update!